By Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya

It is always easy to point fingers at others without the simple cognizance of where the other finger points. Blameworthiness is stress-free and sweet, especially when it is not pointing at us, but we often forget that we are directly or indirectly responsible for everything that is happening to us in this country. Everything, from corruption to Insecurity. In fact, it is the corruption that gave birth to the excruciating insecurity that has plunged us into the abyss of nothingness.

The trending case now is about how successful this administration has succeeded in arraigning Nnamdi Kanu. When Kanu was arraigned, I was one of the people that heaved O! A huge sigh of relief.

I do not care if he is Nnamdi Kanu or Saleh Jalingo, Mohammed Ndaman, Omotayo Ade or even Erhimose. All I cared was and still is, that he or whoever, should answer their charges whether treasonable felony or crime against humanity, just like every bandit, every kidnapper, every armed robber and every perpetrator of the scourge of violence that ravages our dear country today!

Kanu and his cohorts from every part of this country who directly or indirectly caused unrest through violent incitements are criminally liable for the losses and destruction of lives and properties of many citizens! It is why the prosecution must present a watertight case to prove the allegations and ensure justice for the victims and casualties of the mindlessness they wrought.

I see him and Shekau as the same…people with mental health issues with grandiose delusions that think they are way above the law! Thinking of only themselves! Damning consequences of their actions. Kanu is only a contrast to Shekau in presentation and appearance.

I see them as those who have been responsible for deaths in my country and should all be in custody… and must feel the full wrath of the Law!

I was very relieved when I heard that Shekau, the cold-blooded Boko Haram leader was killed. But I also felt sad. I would have preferred to see him go to trial first. I am consoled though, that justice will be served to him where he has gone. 

The question has been asked, when would the rest of the bandits/Boko Haram be arraigned or caught, just like Kanu was caught? Where is Dogo Gide, the bandit kingpin who was seen confessing in front of security officials in a viral video? 

The intelligence/Mechanism used to find and arraign Kanu should be used to arraign Dogo Gide before the court of law.  When justice is seen to be trampled upon, the ripple effect translates to a huge monster that gnaws insistently at the social contract between the governed and government. 

Impunity is called that rat that always found an escape route to get away from the strong arms of the law, it has been a huge issue  in Nigeria and in so many cases we have seen how what is good for the goose in Nigeria isn’t always good for the gander! 

There must be a strong political will to combat this huge monster. For all these issues to be duly addressed, the community must see that justice is being achieved in dealing with cases of insecurity of any kind. Justice is fairness.

As usual with Nigeria, ethnocentrism and bigotry has found its way into the lenses of the criminalities. When crime happens anywhere in this country, one of the first things we do is try to defend it or find means to explain it away; if the criminal is from our place, we are unconsciously unaware of our defense for that person. It is of great concern to the social growth and development of our society if crime is conveniently excused or ethicized.

At this stage of our National life, after all that we have gone through together as a Nation, should we be taking sides with criminals or alleged criminals even if they’re members of our communities or families?

It is upsetting and sad that this is how we still feel about our country. We should be demanding accountability from the system and finding solutions to these issues together, by calling a spade a spade. It is our country alright!

We should all rise against the killings of citizens and possess equal intolerance for the crime. 

O’ God! When will we go back to our peaceful Nigeria? When can we go to bed without thinking about what is happening to our people in captivity? When oh God! When?

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