Who We Are

SIMagazine who we are

S.I Magazine is a multi-medium Magazine dedicated to developmental journalism; with main focus on community and social/human growth.

It was founded in October 2012, incorporated in December same year with a small blog-like website. SI Magazine started skeletal operations from 2014 and finally launched its first Magazine and web application In July 2015 with MAZ Digital – a publishing outfit in New York.

SI Magazine unlike other Magazines that are focused on fashion, politics, gossip and celebrity issues, has carved her own niche in humanitarian matters and concerns; as a complete package for human-angle stories, beautiful African art and culture, and human development’s issues. It also proffers solutions to burning community issues. SI Magazine’s brand is dedicated to bringing true Nigerian stories/content into the global village.  We celebrate entrepreneurship, cultural diversity of Nigerians, presenting insightful articles, community development and laudable innovative initiatives that impact every facet of communal growth.

We offer platforms to those without one, give voice to those doing extraordinary things for community growth and emancipation; e.g. local and international Non-Governmental Organizations. SI Magazine is not excluding those with celebrated platforms, but those using their platforms for the greater good of the community.