With the present health situation in Nigeria, the outbreak and spread of COVID-19. SI Magazine office has closed down in order to minimise the spread of the virus and to keep her staff, families and all Nigerians safe

In the statement made by the CEO of Search Inwards Magazine, Hajiya Khadijah Abdullahi – Iya: “it is up to us to ensure that all Nigerians practice self isolation and social distancing by working from home, the virus is more dangerous than many people perceive and we are the ones to teach them, we would teach them how to wash their hands, how to prevent themselves from this virus, many Nigerians don’t know this”.

Search Inwards Magazine in collaboration with Beyond Mentors Community Care Initiative led a team on street sensitization on Tuesday teaching people on ways to prevent getting infected by the virus and why they should listen to health experts and practice the instructions they are given.

Together, they started a COVID 19 challenge spurring Nigerians on to teach others in their communities most especially the poor without access to internet enabled phones about curbing this virus, stressing the need for self isolation, Barr. Deborah Austin, a representative of Beyond Mentors Initiative buttressed this point stating that”most people on the street, the gatekeepers, the news vendors and others are not aware that there is a proper way to wash their hands as taught by WHO, many Nigerians don’t know, it starts with us, do you know how to wash your hands properly.

“Gather others in your community in small groups, in tens, in fives, teach them, show them, make them understand why this is important”.

SI Magazine has began a humanitarian act in carrying out her Corporate Social Responsibility, she urges all other organizations and citizens of different communities to do the same.

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