Dirty Kubwa: ‘Scavengers’, Residents Trade Blames

Dirty Kubwa: ‘Scavengers’, Residents Trade Blames

There is a common trend in Kubwa, Abuja’s biggest satellite town; every bridge head is a potential waste dump. It is therefore normal to have all manners of waste, especially polythene bags floating on the stream that runs through the town.

Sanitation and waste management are no doubt part of the corollary challenges of urbanisation. In the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), government and residents have had to contend with the issue of sanitation particularly in many of the satellite towns that could easily pass for urban slums.

The situation brings to focus the failure of the Area Councils to discharge on sanitation, which is one of the primary duties of the third tier of government.

Ordinarily, local government areas and in this case, Area Councils in Abuja, should handle waste collection and disposal. Another agency of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), complements the area councils.

AEPB is empowered by FCT laws to issue licenses to private waste collectors in Abuja, especially within the metropolis. Residents are charged between N500 to N5,000 monthly, depending on the area. Those in parts of Kubwa mostly pay N1,000 per month.

However, unregistered waste collectors, appear to be the main culprits in indiscriminate disposal of waste in Abuja. They go round the city to scavenge for waste and dispose them in places not designated for such purposes.

Places such as bridges in Phase 3, by Celestial Church/Deeper Life, opposite Life Solution Church (a.k.a) Solution Ground, in PW and the PW Bridge near New Diamond Executive Suites, all in Kubwa, are fertile grounds for the perpetrators.

The waterway at the beginning of Lawrence Olasehinde Street; opposite Kubwa Parish of The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, near Julius Berger Camp, Gado Nasko Road, Kubwa was a big eye sore as faecal matter; food remnants, and other debris litter the place, causing some repugnant smell to passers-by, when we visited.

If residents could dump waste in the streams, blocking of gutters would naturally mean nothing to them.

Source: Daily sun

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