Leading a Business That Out-Performs the Competition

Imagine that you could know with precision who your potential customers are and when they would want what you have to offer. What if you were a banker and could predict which customer would open an account with your bank and so send the forms before they were asked for? Is such possible? Well, thinks so. That is what they do with what they call ‘anticipatory shipping’. Back in 2014, Amazon secured a patent for an algorithm-based system that ships goods before they are even ordered. Amazon is already extremely efficient; imagine the effects of shipping goods before a ...
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How To Command Loyalty of Your Employees, Investors, Buyers Or Anything Else

Can you recall the shocking thing that happened on March 26, 1997 in the United States? It’s quite absurd. On that day the world woke up to a shocking discovery that a group of thirty-nine individuals had committed mass suicide under the direction of their leader, Marshall Applewhite. They were members of a religious group called Heaven's Gate. Within days, videotaped "suicide notes" were broadcast in which they talked about the actions they were about to take; actions which shook the world began to emerge. Why did they do this? They took their own lives so that they could be ...
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Rethinking Performance Measurement In Disruptive Times

How do you measure performance in changing times when commercialisation is simply unpredictable? As work shifts so does performance measurement and evaluation. The traditional end of the year approach designed in the 1970s cannot work in today's work world. While the tools are not all here, it is clear that new rules of measuring performance are here and working. A study by Charles E. Lance et al in ‘Personnel Psychology’ indicated that 45% of respondents think the traditional means of evaluating performance did not motivate employees and 41% of managers show bias about the traditional end of the year approach ...
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6 Ways To Become A Millionaire While Working For Someone Else

You’ll never get rich working for someone else, or so they say. Many feel the risky, adventurous life of an entrepreneur is the surefire pathway of becoming a millionaire but what if you’re happier and more comfortable working for a boss who pays for your medical insurance? According to some estimates, if you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur you’ll have to make 35 percent more than your current salary to fully replace the income a day job brings in each month. For someone with a family to support, leaving the safety of a salaried position is risky, even if it might ...
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Leveraging The Social Media To Advance Your Corporate Interest

Leveraging The Social Media To Advance Your Corporate Interest The world changed in 2002 when the age of social media was officially born with the hosting of At that time no one really understood the amazing disruption that was coming in the corporate world. LinkedIn and Myspace followed in 2003 with Facebook following in 2004. Although Facebook was then an exclusive reserve of Harvard students and remained that way until 2006 when they threw the door open for the whole world. Social media connected the world and brought people closer than ever before. But more to that is that ...
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How To Build Highly Productive Workforce

Conventionally, it is thought that increased pay leads to increased productivity. But a recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% increase in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive. According to Professor Andrew Oswald, one of three researchers who led the study, companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction tend to succeed in generating happier workers. At Google, employee satisfaction rose 37% as a result of those initiatives—suggesting that financial incentives aren’t enough to make for highly productive employees. Your most important assets are human beings and interestingly man ...
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costomer loyalty crossword

The Real Force Behind Growth and Profitability

How can an organisation build a global force of loyal customers? How can you get people submit to your brand? These are questions every business leader sincerely care about the answers. This becomes even more pertinent in the face of rapidly increasing global connectedness. The limitations of distance has been done away with as international boundaries holds no real meaning to today's consumers. In the past, producers took their customers for granted because at that time the customers were not demanding nor had alternative source of supply or suppliers. But today there is a radical shift. The changing business environment ...
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What Next After The Oil Boom?

What Next After The Oil Boom? The international price of crude oil has plummeted, and oil dependent economies are all scrambling to find other avenues to replace their falling revenues. Oil prices, like other economic phenomena, are cyclical; they have their booms and busts. However, for most extractive economies like Nigeria which have been devastated by the ‘Dutch disease’, there is always doom hanging somewhere. When oil prices were booming, we were faced with higher prices of refined products. Although an oil producing country, we do not have refining capacity. These higher prices are borne by the citizens either directly ...
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e-Shopping: Adaptation And Phobia

The rapid technological trends without an iota of doubt brought about unparalleled advancements in almost every aspects of our daily lives - from the way we eat, shop, transact, learn, teach, to the way we play, entertain, relate and get in touch with one another via unnumbered social media available at our disposals, among other cool stuffs! It’s pertinent to mention that, in today’s globalised world, there are about 3.3 billion active internet users surfing more than 940 million websites with 40% (more than 1 billion) users engaged in online purchase. estimated that, in 2013 alone, a total of ...
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