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    I once witnessed a scene where a man was seated and a lady stood beside him. When asked why he didn’t offer her his seat, he responded by saying, “for my culture, na woman dey stand for man,” meaning his culture doesn’t permit a man to offer his seat to a woman. Of course, a long argument ensued after his statement. Then it occurred to me, that it is really the Western Culture that permits such; it is what they call ‘being a gentleman’. So, what then does our respective culture say about a man sitting while a woman is standing?

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    A man is who he is not what the culture is. people do things and attribute it to culture even when the culture does not make them do it. i think it is personal and have nothing to do with culture. i know for a fact that, our culture recognised the Woman as a weak and fragile and so should be treated care and respect. so if a man choose to sit while the woman stand, it is his personal conviction and Pride and has nothing to do with Culture!

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