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Tallà: What is wrong with this Government sef? ( Enraged and almost in tears)

Me: What is it again, Tallà?
Tallà: Are their mothers alive? Ina uwayen su? Do they see what their children are doing to the rest of us?

Tallà went on and on and all I did was listen – at least to allow her get her feelings out. But that conversation led me to deeper reflections and a reverie that has brought me here: here being the idea to start looking at the role of motherhood critically and design deeper insights on how to raise the next generation of effective mothers in order to further raise effectual nation builders – from the cradle!

Are you happy with the kind of leadership we have been experiencing in this country?

And where were the mothers of these men as they plunged our nation into abyssal nothingness… what happened? Are their mothers alive? If they are, where are they?

Do they realise how far their role transcends basic cultural assents? They’re supposed to continue to shepherd their children into leaving great legacies? Where were they when these people make decisions that have regressive effect on us as a people?

The mothers of people like Murtala Muhammad, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa? And great leaders of the world like Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela etc .What stood them out?

How did they mother their children to such greatness that they understood personal responsibilities and did their best to steer the ship of their mandates to legacies that are still being remembered with so much respect?

If from the day that you conceived your child, a soothsayer told you that this child is going to be the president of your country! A Governor! A minister??!!

Would you have raised him/her better/different?

How would you feel? (Would you feel pressured?)

What will be your thoughts on how to go about raising that child?

What thoughts would disturb you the most?

Knowing that this child is going to be serving millions of people?

What would be priority to you?

Would you look at the child differently?

What kind of upbringing, with a mother’s touch, would you begin to subscribe to for him/her?

What strategies would you put in place for the child?

These and much more are going to be what we would be discussing with the topic motherhood to nationhood’ series on Muse Lounge.

Kindly join other mothers and I to muse together and learn how we can objectively:

a. Change the narratives about mothering our wards and children to better prepare them for society…

i. For our children to understand what personal responsibilities are

ii. For our children to understand the social contracts embedded in every interaction starting from the home…

b. We would be tackling tiny motherhood issues that magnifies into stuffs that can’t be handled…

c. To have a renewed perspective on being better mothers to our children. We would be sharing decades of experiences on how we managed to juggle motherhood and career.

i. We would be able to understand the infinite beauty and creativity that God has blessed us with

ii. The special gift and privilege of motherhood bestowed upon us because God knows we can do it and we have serious responsibilities to do it well.

iii. Our failure to do it right is not only costly to us but also dangerous to social and communal wellbeing.

Target Audience:
Are you a young mother?

Or are you trying to be one?

Do you already have children as team leads somewhere?

You can share your experiences with us to deepen and expand our understanding.

Do you understand the important role/privilege you are going to be playing?

There are so many questions to be asked and so many answers and conclusions.

From experience, I have seen that we are in a serious motherhood crisis and the earlier we start having these conversations, the better for us.

We like it or not our children are going to be leaders in different capacities. They do not need to hold Government positions. As long as they’re going to live normal lives, they’re still going to be leading teams, starting from the home front and to other social capacities.

What kind of leader would your child be like?

Would you like him/her to be leaders that would do well and to take care of the people (s)he took an oath to serve, or would you be so hung up in the euphoria that your child is a leader and you forget that any person that sleeps or goes to bed hungry would be hanging over his/her head?

Have you truly thought about all these?

This is the essence of Motherhood to Nationhood. Human behavioural change/transformation begins with mothers. We would be holding mothers responsible and also share our experiences with mothers on how to raise better children who are truly going to be leaders of tomorrow.

Also, to raise better mothers that would be self-aware of their responsibilities to take the baton when the time comes.

Join us every Wednesday here on MuseLounge.

This pandemic has shown us that we can be a community. It has exhibited that we need one another and it has made visible more kindness than the media was willing to tell; than the terrorism trending in most units of the media.

Share your thoughts and lets mother the world together…


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