Mental health disorders are not uncommon, and the global burden of mental health disorders was projected to reach 15% by the year 2020, already this percentage has been exceeded no thanks to the COVID-19 lock down that aggravated already existent mental issues.

In Nigeria, an estimated 20%-30% of the population are believed to suffer from mental disorders, unfortunately the attention given to mental health disorders in Nigeria is exceedingly poor and the level of awareness of the Nigerian public nothing to write home about.

It is estimated that common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse related disorders will disable more people than complications arising from AIDS, heart disease, accidents and war combined.

Many Nigerians have at some point in their lives gone through one or more trauma situations, more than 60% of these people have never thought to visit a psychologist or talk about this trauma, many walk around with an undiagnosed mental illness.

Even as you begin your day, take interest in the next person, ask the right questions, know their frame of mind.

Good morning.

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