Ondo To Pilot Waste-To-Wealth Scheme

Ondo To Pilot Waste-To-Wealth Scheme

Ondo state has been picked by the Federal Government as one of six states in the country to pilot the waste-to-wealth scheme deployment of appropriate technological infrastructure for integrated waste-to-wealth system.

The scheme, which would see to the establishment of waste-to-wealth system at waste facility sites in each of the states picked for the scheme across the six geo-political zones in the country, was inaugurated at the weekend by the Minister of Science and Technology, Chief Ogbonaya Onu in Akure, the State capital.

Speaking during the flag off of the scheme, the state governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, said that unemployed youths would be invited to own the innovation which is in tune with the new thinking of his administration in the state.

Akeredolu said the flag off of the scheme in the state came at a time when mother-nature reacted, angrily, to fore warn of dire consequences in the future if the country fails to display merited reverence.

He said many states experienced devastating floods, consequent upon ceaseless and torrential downpour, recently because of inappropriate waste disposal, saying the lessons derivable from the unfortunate incident will not be forgotten soon.

He said, “In spite of our much vaunted claim to sophistication, arising from acquisition of certificates from our various institutions of higher learning and professional training, we were caught napping when the rains came.

“The recent embarrassment shows a huge gap between our much advertised expertise and the challenges which threaten our very existence. Our nonchalant disposition to our environment contradicts the specious claim to modernity. We throw things around without regard for decency.”

He noted that many drainage have become refuse dumps for the people, saying the people are hostile to their environment and yet expect only its bounties and no hostility.

He however advocated that waste generation and disposal should form part of the new learning of the people for safe and healthy living.

“Living entails becoming and passing away,” he said. “Nothing is indeed a waste. A discarded material announces the end of a purpose for which it is designed, waiting for a yet-to-be determined end. Our material world is whole and indivisible. Therefore, the message of Waste-to-Wealth brings forth a new freshness to a seeming despondent state of affairs in the polity”.

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