Our Core Values

• Commitment: Committed to all that the company stands for and intentionally, consciously taking steps to personally succeed at all we do; impacting and sharing it with the team.

• Honesty: Being honest with self is vital before extending it to your corporate consciousness.

• Excellence: Zeal and enthusiasm drives excellence in all that we do. Excellence in key result areas depicts how much the company means to you. It shows in the quality of your deliverables. Which S. I promotes.

• Integrity: Adopt high ethical values to guide the conduct of all corporate dealings in consonance with the company’s cultural requirements.

• Mutual Respect: respect for the individual and for all people and fair treatment regardless of position, age, sex, ethnic group, creed or color.

• Innovation: Continuous self development and constant brain storming inured to improve editorial contents for publishing, business strategies, operations, processes, procedures and a system based on conscious capacity building to deliver creative innovative and excellent content for the progressive development of the magazine and the community.

• Passion: We must approach our work with the right attitude that depicts zeal and commitment in the work we do for the community; by going the extra mile to report and be exceptional, especially when it affects the community.

• Professionalism: All staff members must adhere to professional conducts in all manners and attitude to work, in all dealings without compromising the culture of love and harmony.