Sa’id Haruna’s Summer Start-up Event

Sa’id Haruna’s Summer Start-up Event

It was another day for entrepreneurs to showcase their wares and gifting in the Croc-city (city of crocodiles) – Kaduna State. The venue of the event was the Arewa House, in the ever-busy and bubbling heart of the town. The time was 12 O’clock. Young Sa’id Haruna thought it expedient to bring together start-ups in an organised setting to showcase their products.

“I just wanted to have a platform that would bring together various businesses from all parts of the country for a start,” Haruna stated. “This was borne out of the fact that I’ve met people who have good businesses but don’t have the right networking to take it to the positions they actually want their businesses to get to.”

One unique thing about the event was that, it was not all about having people interact with these entrepreneurs on their tables/stands, some entrepreneurs did presentations using power points.

The event was to create avenue for organisations to bring their goods and services closer to the people and thus widen their horizon. Samira Haruna Sanusi of the Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell Foundation was on hand to explain why government and individuals in general needed to come together to help people suffering from sickle cell anaemia. She emphasised the need to establish specialised care centres for these group of persons.

President of Friends For Food, Maryam Mayere, told participants at the event that her quest to do food was not an idea that hit her by accident.

She narrates her sojourn to self-discovery: “While I was in secondary school, Zamani College to be precise, I had a clique of friends who would always get food from anywhere during school hours. Nothing ever stood as a barrier for us because we were determined. During one of the crisis in Kaduna, I was forced to stay indoors and that was how I unearthed the talent in me. I had all the things I needed to polish my talent, so I had a good time during the curfew that lasted for weeks. After the crisis, I hit the ground running with Friends For Food.”

Other organisations that graced the event were BooAfric, Rose Africa, Wadi Bandaraki Foundation, Youth For Youth Initiative, Farmham among many others.

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