Searching Inwards

The Benefits of Retaining Our Mother Tongue

By Khadija Abdullahi Iya “Kewonan,” I said, greeting my friend’s little daughter in my native dialect. But she replied me in English so I asked the mother why. “She understands the language, but speaking it is her problem,” her mother explained. “Then stop speaking English to her,” I advised. “Because she is at the stage in life where learning her mother tongue is vital, and if she loses her grip of it, it would be very difficult for her as she advances in age.” “What about you?” The mother shot back. “Your kids speak English too.” “As a matter of ...
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Touched By An Angel (Searching Inwards)

I’ve known her from the day I was interviewed. In fact, she was on the panel that interviewed me. I was struck by the way she handled her line of questioning; she wasn’t brash or aggressive, she was what you would describe as cool, calm and collected (very analytical). She talked only when she was curious about a point I made or did not make that I should have. Later on, I saw her again, active but focused. I would admire her from afar and could only connect with her when an official task afforded me the opportunity. It was ...
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Kindred Spirits

Love is what makes the world go round – a popular contention that sometimes has me also wondering how true. There are many concepts and misconceptions about it and it can be pretty confusing. People often think they are really in love with someone, but may actually just be in love with love itself! That is, the idea of it. The issue came up during a family time-out and out popped the issue of in-laws (again!), what they define as love and how it is applied in their family relationships. Rolling tears  “Recently, my brother’s daughter was sick,” said one ...
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SIMagazine-Searching-Inwards-Coping with rats

Coping With Rats

Rats like other rodents have their economic values. The domestic ones are specialise at putting most housewives on their toes as items not properly kept stand the risk of being destroyed. “They are hideous, dreadful and very wily. They often find ways to outsmart you, especially when they know you are out to get them. It is often said that when rats bite you, they blow air on that spot to prevent you from feeling the pain,” Alt my ‘crazy’ friend said recently during lunch as we discussed a topic. Behaving like rats When we relate the above characteristics of ...
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SIMagazine-Searching-inwards-The Functional Heart

The Functional Heart

“Because of what we, especially our mother, went through with our father, I decided not to marry from my tribe,” Raliah said. “To me, men from my tribe do not know how to treat women right,” she continued. “They are depraved and inconsiderate. But when I opted out of their circle, it was like hopping from frying pan to fire! The tribe I opted for turned out to be worst! I realised not too late (though) that the devil you know is always better than the angel out there. So I retraced my steps back to marrying someone from my ...
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