The Journey So Far…

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When we believe that we are succeeding in connecting people via the information we peddle, it isn’t just about what we want to achieve in doing so; It is more about deriving what we want and ensuring that the people (our community) who are more important to us are getting what they need too. This is one of the many premises SI Magazine was conceived and established... As humans, when we want to embark on a journey, we normally prepare by either buying a ticket for the trip or fuelling our cars; setting our clothes and other important items for a successful trip. However, in SI Magazine’s journey so far, the rules changed because on this journey, I discovered that with Passion and Zeal, Love and Perseverance, you can break the cardinal rules; the hassles of every life's journey. You can fight in any war front no matter how little your artillery are. You can break grounds that many think are unbreakable and you can disrupt the entrenched codes and processes if only You believe and understand that whatever path you take has been originally designed for you to take. You may not have all that it takes but the GREAT Lord chose you for that purpose and only HE possesses all that it takes to accomplish such designs, roles and responsibilities HE has launched you to take... When SI Magazine was conceived, looking back now, I wouldn’t say I did a checklist on what and what I should take on this great journey as it portends. Each day, SI Magazine re-defines and refines its activities. At first, it was a journey taken on a whim mesmerised with a ‘saving the world’ attitude with little or no inkling that in saving the world, you need to be well armoured and prepared; you need all the artillery of war to ensure that victory is yours... I woke up one morning and told my husband that I’ve had enough! As I uttered the word ‘enough’, I shivered inwards and my whole being couldn’t accept the echo of the words as it tries to reverberate its import on my psyche. One good trait the good Lord has blessed me with is the tenacity of seeing whatever I set my mind on to the finish. I do not know how to quit and the thought of quitting always make me shiver; as if I’m exposed to the cold of about −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F; 184.0 K) of the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica. I wouldn’t also say that quitting had never been in my humble biography. As an undergraduate, I started and quit on so many ventures and projects I embarked upon. One project that still remains fresh in memory and very painful to me was when I picked up a yaro boy on the street; I tried to train him and discovered that I would end up destroying myself and my family if I keep that boy in my home. So I had to let him go… SI is different because it is embedded with that silent voice inside of me that portends the potential that I want of my world and the world of my children and children’s children. It goes beyond just a Magazine for me; I see it as a movement that would usher the kind of world I crave for. What this means is that if I give up on SI, I have given up on myself; on my future and the future of my community. So yes, we are still struggling, sweltering under and running from pillar to post to put in all the screws and nuts as it concerns structure and the culture in place; pre-selling adverts and running after payments; make people understand that what we have designed in SI is intrinsically a path that our country needs to move ahead with. The diversity, the culture, the values and best of all, the compelling stories of grassroot individuals; being their voice, knowing their pain, celebrating them and exposing all the social ills and issues that if not properly addressed, would come back and bite us in the butt is what SI entails and more… Now SI is concretising all these in the SI Social Ambassadors (SISA) – a network of youths promoting the values of what SI entails and at the same time nurturing the skills of leadership entrenched with humanitarian, ‘volunteerism’ and transformational attributes. In other words, SI is living its vision through grooming and nurturing a new generation of great Nigerian Leaders! SI may not be where we want it to be right now but we are definitely on a great fulfilling journey of discovery; a noble journey that might be tedious and challenging, but worth its while. Like every start-up, there are processes; we are living the start-up bugs (bites too). Yes, we may not be able to go to production (on time) because of the hiccups that surround us, we are strengthened by one true belief of team-spirit which has binded us together; guaranteed us to come this far. SI is blessed with an incredible, committed set of individuals who are beating the odds to ensure that each production comes to life in a very beautiful way! A team that weathered the storm together and is still weathering the storm to realise their mutual dreams and visions through humanitarian services to the community; to see that each community member is celebrated like a queen or king in their own rights… Join us to celebrate our 10th edition! Celebrate the men and women who are ‘surviving’ yet full of smiles. We want to specially thank each and every one of you who have downloaded, bought our magazines and ultimately bought into our vision as the first Magazine to focus on the people and NOT in gossips, celebrity lifestyle or fashion, but the real issues of the people! Those who weathered the storm with us… We appreciate the unflinching support of WE FM, KAS Nigeria Ltd and all the companies which have supported us in one way or the other. We say a big Thank-You for all your support and love. Our greatest gratitude goes to Allah (SWT) who we acknowledge to be the absolute provider of our sustenance... We thank Him profusely for giving us the privilege to be a part of this platform that we know is bigger than us all. We thank HIM with an unlimited humility and appreciation. Surviving this, is ALL HIM! At this point I have learnt that “Real power comes from being indispensable. And indispensability comes from being a switchboard, parcelling out much information, contacts and goodwill to as many people – in as many different worlds – as possible” {Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi}. This quote encapsulated the deepest meaning and virtue we uphold in SI. The virtue of community... I have learnt that it is a privilege to be a part of something bigger; something that re-defines what purpose entails...