By Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya

(This article waa written April, 2014)

I was talking to my 17year old son this morning and he seems passionate, almost crying for what happened to the bomb blast victims. Especially as he learnt that his cousin who was going to law school that morning barely missed it with an air’s breath. She normally takes a hike from that station and on her way there, her brother in law offered to drop her in town to get the hike from Wuse market which would save her some stress as getting to the park that early in the mornings always register on her psyche long before she’s able to catch her breath as she sits in the class every Monday morning.

What are we going to do now as this is getting worse mummy? I don’t know I told him as I really didn’t know. What I do know, is that your generation has to start looking for solutions to avoid the situation of what is happening now in Nigeria. My greatest fear for you guys is that I don’t know if there would be a Nigeria by the time you get to do anything. I would tell you one thing though, continue to work hard at your studies. Make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned, be hopeful, have faith and continue to pray for the only country you have…

If we tell our kids this, what then, are we going to do to keep the country together for our children and our children’s children? That was what I mused about. Do we think about legacies and what that legacies entail?

S.I Magazine is one legacy we as a team intend to make; from nothing to something that would impact effectively on all who read it. We intend to ensure that we become the voice of the voiceless with incredible content that would make you search inwards. That, it is hoped, would eventually take you out to attaining your potentials. The focus of many Nigerians especially the youth should be what they want to leave behind, and how do they intend to go about it. What are you going to give that would make you go to lengths to establish that legacy?

My prayers always, have been, to leave a legacy that would become Iroko trees for humanity. Trees that many would derive nurturing from. Trees that many would find shades in – shades that would shelter, nourish and find all the basic amenities that would make life easier for you and I.

These are my prayers. What about yours? Whatever it is, make sure it is something that nurtures and affect positively on God’s own creations, something that would stand tall and still working even after you have long gone. The new generation should all stand up and do something to leave an enduring legacy; they should have a new creed for the next era in Nigeria.

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