I stayed with a family during my NYSC days in Calabar, the wonderful woman who was a friend to my mom treated me like her own daughter, she was everything you could want in a mother, a great cook, a home maker, a compassionate nurse, a loving and doting mother, you name it.
She was in her early forties but she looked 65, her body and mind had known untold pain. She had been married for 18 years and for 18 years, she had been beaten,insulted, trodden upon and her hard earned money stolen.
Her body had known bruises, her ribs broken from time to time. But she stayed because she was told a wife had to be patient and keep praying for change.
Until one day she learnt that she was strong enough to leave him and start a new life with her children.

According to @unwomen , there has been a spike in domestic violence reporting during the lockdown period as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over 234 million women and girls across the world have been subjected to sexual or physical violence by an intimate partner.

Beginning today, we have #16daysofactivism on the elimination of Gender based Violence and this time, we NEED every one to #getinvolved more than ever before.

There are stories of abuse and violence you may never hear of until it is too late, let us get the conversation out there.

Keep sharing, keep talking and let’s create the awareness #Together.





saynotoviolenceagainstwomenandchildren #saynotoviolence1125

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