Place your adverts on our various outlets for optimal returns on your investment. Our flexible advert rates give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience within a click of the button, especially when accessed via our multi-purpose app. And while placing advert on the print, you stand the chance of getting a bumper package that sees your advert also placed on our digital outlets (app and website) and social networks.

Please Note:

We ONLY collect adverts from organizations with good track record of corporate social work. We make Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility a requisite company’s policy for advert placement on our various platforms to encourage companies who default in that area to take advantage of the many benefits associated with the concept (CSR) which include:

  • Trust – The community (your consumers) tend to trust to do business with your organization
  • Sustainability – When the community trust you and patronize your goods and services, it enhances the sustainability of your business
  • Safety – Safety here depicts safety for your organization and for the owners/investors because the community protects your interest always and keeps your business safe
  • Ownership – The community takes ownership of your organization and engages on a FREE campaign for your organization via ‘word of mouth advertisement’; a concept that embellishes all the above stated benefits
  • Camaraderie – The spirit of solidarity for your goods and services is established in the community that goes a long way for your brand…

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