Day 2

Motunrayo has always heard stories about women being discriminated against most especially when they lose their husbands but she never thought it could happen to her,she felt it was a cultural thing and the Yoruba culture didn’t have such. The shock that came to her rendered her speechless for days.
She got a call to come to the General hospital on a Thursday morning, she rushed ahead even forgetting to put on a complete pair of slippers.
Her husband had an accident on the Lokoja express way, she was with him for the three days he spent in a coma until he passed on.
On her return home, all of her properties was outside the house, she had been accused of killing her husband and every asset her husband owned was seized by the family leaving her and her children with nothing.
She had to undergo the various cultural rituals to be proven innocent but this never changed the family’s mind about her.

Such cases are what we hear daily @wcasummit and , different tales of women that suffered wrongly in the hands of the community that should protect them.

Our #16daysofactivism is ongoing and we will change the narrative, #orangetheworld and keep the conversation going.

Join us, let’s put an end to discrimination and violence against women.





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