Day 4

“I can never have children and I don’t know if I can forgive my mother for what she did”, 32 year old Omoyeme said as she spoke to young girls during a campaign against FGM.
She had been circumcised at age 7, she remembered being held down by 5 women and the glinting of a sharp object under the small lantern glow. She had felt the most intense pain of her life and passed out, she was told stories of her cowardice afterwards.
“It is a cultural thing, girls that are not circumcised ends up being loosed and never stay in their husbands home” Omoyeme said quoting her mother.
It had become a family tradition and her mother ensured her girls were cut, Omoyeme never knew how destructive that could be until after she started trying for an issue when she got married.

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting is a practice that has absolutely no health benefit to the girl child but rather causes more damage ranging from infertility to prolonged obstructed labor, tissue damage, scarring, cysts etc..

It is a shame that these evil practice is still ongoing in different parts of the country.
Today marks #day4 of our #16daysofactivism against Gender based Violence. We in partnership with and @wca are most committed to changing the narrative.

We urge you to join the conversation and spread the word.
Every girl deserves the right to happiness.





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