The rapid technological trends without an iota of doubt brought about unparalleled advancements in almost every aspects of our daily lives – from the way we eat, shop, transact, learn, teach, to the way we play, entertain, relate and get in touch with one another via unnumbered social media available at our disposals, among other cool stuffs!

It’s pertinent to mention that, in today’s globalised world, there are about 3.3 billion active internet users surfing more than 940 million websites with 40% (more than 1 billion) users engaged in online purchase. estimated that, in 2013 alone, a total of USD1.2 trillion was generated in e-commerce sales with a projection to rise in the future. Digital payments are not only convenient for the mobile shopping experience, but also for the increasingly available paid digital contents like streaming music, online video subscription and apps (yeah, including $1.99-SI Magazine’s app on!


Though, the expansion of the internet worldwide has unanimously contributed to the transformation of trade and store transactions in terms of patronage, increase in revenue generation, customer-centricity and real-time pickups and delivery, but it’s still obviously common to see a group of people, mostly young chaps, debating on possibility of sharing their Debit/Credit Cards details with third party merchants (online shopping sites) conveniently. Those whom feel not to share mostly associates their phobia with security and identity theft issues. This category of digital phobic needs to note that with 940 million websites, only 40,320 were been hacked – just a fraction of number from the total websites, world-over.

Worth noting, if you are to search Google now for an online store, know that your search is among the 50,702 searches made on Google in one second, bringing to about 3.2 billion searches so far (as at GMT 18:02) made on Google website, ALONE. Reading a Blog on a product or service in order to explore and compare prizes from different stores (an advantage you don’t have while physically shopping) implies that you are reading 1 of the 3.1 million blogs posted today worldwide.

Save your time, energy, fuel and unavoidable waiting queues, buy and/or sell online, from anywhere at anytime, conveniently and securely, for unmatched shopping experience!

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SI Magazine

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