Pauline Ngatha who is a 13-year-old girl was born with disability and she is now raising a 3-months-old baby after her step dad forced himself on her and she got pregnant.
According to her mother, her husband took advantage of her daughter several times and since she does not talk or walk she was impregnated and she never noticed until when she was in labour.

Pauline’s mother claims her daughter does not even know that she gave birth because of her disability and therefore she is forced to take care of her daughter and also the grandchild.
The most shocking thing is that no one in the family knew that Ngatha was pregnant until when she was ill and the mother took her to the hospital and on arrival the doctors told her that she was in labour.

The step father is currently in prison awaiting to be arraigned in court. Pauline’s mother is having a hard time raising the two since she has no job to sustain her family’s needs.

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