I’m not an expert in economics, but I know but the more the number of people you Empower to generate Revenue in the society, the better and stronger the economy of that society; and the lesser the poverty rates.

Poverty affects every sphere of the society, even the government suffers because in some countries the government pays the unemployed citizens certain settlements. The greater the percentage of the unemployed, the more the state’s purse readers writhes.

Hence, making the populace deal with the loss of income and decrease in production.

Social crimes

I read in the papers recently obvious options made by a former president about unemployment especially among the Nigerian youth at an Event tagged the West Africa Regional Conference on youth employment which held in Dakar the capital of Senegal. Lamenting the rates of youth unemployment in Nigeria, which he said informed PhD holders to apply for jobs as drivers at the Dangote group. He acknowledged youth employment as the major cause of Social vices among the youths.

The menace which has led to the breeding of “Yahoo boys”, “area boys”, Blackberry boys and the likes. As much as I agree with him on this negative effect of unemployment, I feel he would have done better while in office by setting up a solid structure to ameliorate the present challenges that unemployment faces us. Things wouldn’t have been this bad if proper measures were adopted.

Mountainous issues

Obasanjo elicited that in 1999 when he assumed office as the president of Nigeria; youth unemployment rate was at 72 percent but was reduced to 52 percent in 2004. He however regretted that the rates moved up to 71 percent by 2011. It is sad that our leaders easily disparage more when not in government.

When in power, it’s like they hardly see the Mountainous issues they are standing on.

Paradigm shifts

Unemployment’s distress is not just the individual; it extends to his or her family and eventually the society.  Unemployment causes desolation, despondency and sufferings. It militates upon the quality of lives in the society. Psychologically, it reduces one’s mental abilities, affects self-esteem, breeds in-adequateness, dejection and hopelessness.

The person’s health state dramatically diminishes, thereby inviting an avalanche of more health issues. With the foregoing effects of unemployment. I think many people are in this state because they disregard the need for Paradigm shifts in their minds. They denote success only to White Collar jobs.

All That You Are

We choose the quality of lives that we want for ourselves. The saying that ‘when life hands you lemons sweetie little lemonade’ cannot be over emphasized in the unemployment context. Apart from all the effects elucidated above, it could be worse. If you allow the situation destroy all that you are, all that you can be, and then you are gradually switching into the sinking mode of worthlessness.

Know yourself

It is important to keep your head up and critically examine your situation properly. Look at yourself inwardly, analyze and discover other things you can do.  Ask yourself of how you can be relevant and combat boredom.  Boredom is a catalyst that negatively imparts on your life and ultimately worsens your whole situation; I believe that every individual has a talent. Our ability to tap into the resources buried within us is what sweetens our lemons. Therefore start sweetening your lemons by being relevant to yourself. Develop yourself. Know more about the things that interest you.

Relevancy quota

When I was unemployed, I delved in communal advocacy and thrived in educational matters. I enjoyed the venture tremendously and that took me farther than I anticipated. It opened doors for me, you too can find one thing that you enjoy doing and develop it by learning and widening your horizons; you would be amazed at what it will fetch. Mind you, your journey to finding yourself and tapping into your resources isn’t just automatic. Don’t expect immediate dividends, it would take a little while to mature. The most important thing is the relevancy quota; shoot it up so that everyone would in time know what you do. Luxuriate in giving from the bottom of your heart and sharing the things you know and enjoy doing.

It may not bring money right away, but it guarantees fulfillment and eventually trailblazes you to other things you hardly knoexist inside you, which would gradually open more doors for you.

Kids on the Block.

Currently I work with some “young kids on the block” who are still in the University, young Nigerians who are already establishing their own businesses. If this crop of young men/ladies are already being relevant and making huge sums of money (some aren’t though), what is the excuse of those who have had various experiences but backed out? I believe there is no experience that cannot yield fruits, except you want to be blind to it.


I am proud and inspired by this kids because some of them are 16 years old, and at that tender age, do not plan working for any government. They are just developing themselves and doing what they enjoy doing. The good part of it is that some are already counting their thousands of naira.

One told his parents that they shouldn’t bother about him any longer; the parents should fend for his younger ones, he would henceforth pay for his school fees. Impressive, don’t you think?

So if the story about the PhD holders is true. They may have done it out of desperation and who knows what their individual story is. They should not be judged for their actions. Maybe, if they have thought of the significance of their certificates, they would have channeled it towards the advancement of Education in the country, tutoring and mentoring students free of charge – deriving pleasure from its and eventually making themselves indispensable!

Keep searching…..

Culled From Searching Inwards By Khadijah Abdullahi Iya

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