We only have one life to live, so give it your best shot! Yes, the days can be long and dreary; yes, the winds of life can be severe and callous, but all we’ve got is just this one life…

Thus, special moments, often times taken for granted, must be appreciated, cherished and, above all, valued. We underestimate the counsel of the wise who constantly advise us to live, practically, one day at a time. Caring less about the impending doomsday is how to make the most of each day. Sometimes, we allow our minds to be consumed by paranoia of the present or future that it fills us with fear and trepidation. Sometimes, I wonder why we have to punish and worry ourselves to death over a supposed impending doom which we have no business thinking of.

A monk once asked: “Do you have a problem in life? If yes, can you do something about it? [If] yes, then why worry?” He asked again; “Do you have a problem in life? If yes, can you do something about it? [If] no, then why worry? Worrying takes away the beautiful moments of our lives. It robs us of our health and sanity and leaves in its stead elements that mess up the quality of life. So, why worry?

Sometimes, the best moments in our lives are those quiet times spent with loved ones; those moments spent together, sharing and loving, giving and taking, are far more than words can offer. These moments are supposed to help us savour the sweet warmth of each other’s presence and, once they pass you by, you may never recapture them again. Why allow worry take that away from you?

During my private salaats (prayers), I wonder why we have to deal with intrusive thoughts that would end up marring our connections with that Supreme Being we are trying to secure that connect with. I devised a mantra to help me concentrate. Anytime intrusive thoughts assail me, I hush them with the line: “I’m in the now, the present, my salaat!”

I decided to extend the same mantra to my other obligations and duties. When I’m writing and I’m thinking I should do something else, I say to the intrusion; “I’m in the now, the present. Hush. Away.” These words have enabled me stay focused and enjoy the moment. They help me chase away the intrusive worries of taking on another task before I complete one.

We often think that moments spent with our loved ones are ‘just’ things we have to do, but these are moments we would like to relive someday with nostalgia; maybe laugh, cry, reminisce about them or, importantly, learn from them. What is most important is that these are moments to cherish; moments we must not allow meddling thoughts or fear deprive us of it. Just musing…
Author: Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya

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