Good Day Community,

We had this discussion yesterday and I thought to share it with you. Often times, we talk and condemn our leaders but have you noticed that every four years we still vote in the same kinds of people regardless of the party they come from and still end up complaining.

Now, just before you say, we need to vote in youths to steer the affairs of the country, please ask yourself, what is the probability that the youths are still not of the same mindset as the leaders. Can you boldly say as a person that you do not condone corruption or bribery?

The last time you broke a traffic law or you were stopped by the VIO, were you upset you were asked to pay a fine or you encouraged the officials in their jobs to keep the road and your life safe?

Did you encourage your child to repeat WAEC and read again after failing or did you take them to a miracle centre to ensure they passed?

If you are in a position of leadership tomorrow, would you do better than those in the seat of power.

Let us search Inwards and examine ourselves. Tell yourself the truth.

Until then, we would continue to recycle our kind.

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