On the 27th of April, 2021, members of the Search Inwards Social Ambassadors (SISA) paid a visit to two IDP camps at Area 1, Durumi and at Kuchingoro. Members of SISA converged at their CDs venue before heading to the IDP camps.

Some members of the SISA Executives had already purchased the items that will be donated to the residence, Items such as sanitary towels, Condoms, cartons of Packet noodles, Detergents, Juice etc were purchased.

The ambassadors were welcomed by the coordinators of the camp, Mr Idris and his lovely wife and they therefore proceeded to address the occupants of the camp.

Three of the ambassadors engaged the residence in a learning process, Tlthey advised the women on the need for birth control measures and contraceptives and also on how to take better care of their personal hygiene. They also encouraged the residence to never lose hope.

The children were taught the correct way to wash their hands and the need to do that frequently in order to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

The ambassadors also observed that the women made beautiful hand woven caps which they sell to make money and encouraged them to keep doing that. The items were distributed to the women and children and the coordinators thanked them for the visit and encouraged them to keep advocating for the Nigeria and the helpless as their rewards are definitely in heaven. The ambassadors thanked them for their time and proceeded to their various homes.

Source: SISA Phoenix

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