Yaa Asantewaa was an influential Ashanti Queen at the beginning of the 20th century, her true birth date is unknown but it is believed she was Born between 1840s- 1850s.
She was a skilled farmer before ascending to the title Queen Mother in the 1880s. She was chosen for this title due to the Matrilineal aspect of the Ashanti culture.

As the Queen mother, her responsibilities included being the Gatekeeper of the Golden stool which is an emblem of the cultural system and power of the Ashanti kingdom.
In 1896, the British attempted to construct the Gold coast colony which caused the Ashanti people to rebel, to retaliate, the British captured the King of the Ashanti, Asantehene Prempeh I, and Asantewaa’s grandson Kofi Tene, they also removed other Ashanti leaders to the Seychelles Island in other to get the Golden stool.

Asantewaa held her grounds while others still debated how to respond, she rallied the troops and declared bear when the British representative Sr. Frederick Mitchell sat on the Golden stool, the war caused about 3000 deaths from both sides.

Asentewaa motivated the men and women to take part in this fight, unfortunately she was captured during the rebellion and exiled to Seychelles where she died in 1921.

A true Heroine.


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