A few years back, I wrote an article in Searching Inwards, a weekly column in Leadership Weekend of the Leadership Newspaper title, detailing the concept of community and how God had programmed us to cohabit from inception…

This was inspired by a documentary I watched titled, I Am by the Hollywood director- Tom Shadyac. The documentary sought the fundamental answers to what is wrong with our world? He visited world’s greatest minds, religious leaders and scientists searching for the fundamental problem that causes all of the world’s conflicts and pains while simultaneously reflecting on his own life choices of excesses, greed and eventual healing.

After watching the documentary, I was left with no choice but to muse, and my take from the documentary is that God in His infinite mercy has designed us to take what we can and share with others; watching out for one another. That’s why we hardly can succeed at anything without the help of someone; which is the importance of community.

Cohabiting with one another is the only way we can survive as a people, especially in our dear country Nigeria. This has prompted the popular saying, “Scratch my back, and I scratch yours”. Unfortunately, greed has ravaged and destroyed a lot of things in Nigeria. It is the major reason Nigeria is where it is today.

Again greed, avarice and all the elements of continuous aggrandizement of wealth is the reason why a larger population is still suffering in Nigeria and Africa in general. This is why we are yet to overcome the filtering presence of poverty which is destroying all attempts to eradicate it.

One of our features in this maiden edition of the S.I Magazine app was the visitation of the S.I Magazine crew to an intriguing community in one of the farthest part of northern Nigeria – in Adamawa State – where the concept of community in its pure form still exists!

This community called Tipto despite the barrage of challenges confronting it comes together in times of crisis or famine to jointly fight their common enemy. Even when they thought that they needed formal education, they came together to erect structures to serve that purpose all by themselves. It’s amazing to see a community that is far behind in terms of modern day civilization possess this good sense of purpose and togetherness.

Their ‘make-up’ encapsulates and reinforces the notion that, ‘You don’t need formal education to be able to understand the main concept of existence.’ Education however is the tool we all need to enhance the base experiences, offering and empowerment to survive.

If we can come together and help one another; if we in our little ways can move away from our comfort zones to be there for one another, and live life the way God originally designed it to be, maybe all the conflicts, corruption, poverty and killings would stop. God would start answering all our prayers for the oppression of the weak.

Welcome to a NEW, reinvigorating S.I magazine. Join us to help those who do not have a voice; those that cannot afford or have never been privileged enough to enjoy what you and I take for granted. It is a CLARION call for all. Let’s make it happen.

Author: Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya

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