What to do during self isolation?

Naturally people enjoy being busy or at least finding something simulating everyday, that is one of the things that makes life beautiful but recently we have all been asked to stay indoors to curb the spread of Covid-19 and it is not fun for those that have gotten used to the outdoors.
These are a list of things you could do to put your mind together while observing the isolation.

No 1: Go jogging: you can go out early in the morning or early evenings and run around your street. Remember to avoid crowded places, observe social distance as much as possible and of course, wear your face mask.

No 2; Read a book: With our daily activities, we barely have the time to read books from cover to cover, many a time we glance through or struggle to finish up a book with 4000 words in a month.
Here is your chance, pick a book, have your pen and paper beside you, do not just highlight the main points, write it down too.

No 3: Learn new vocabularies; yes you have been reading but that is not all there is to it, get your dictionary, learn the difference in the long and short vowel sounds, the diphthongs, the consonant sounds. This is the perfect chance, take advantage of it.

No 4: Learn a new recipe: YouTube is filled with various DIYs and different recipes to cooking, what are you waiting for?
Learn a new way to cook that Spaghetti that you have only been cooking in two ways. Get busy.
Who knows, you may just open your  own restaurant after this is over.

No 5: Practice public speaking: This is specially for those us that are very shy and get sweaty hands when it is time to face the crowd, guess what, we all get nervous at different stages but we learnt to conquer it.
What would you need?
1. Your mind
2. A mirror
3. A notepad
4. A pen
5. Your self confidence

If you can speak to yourself in the mirror without thinking “this is lame”, trust me, you’re one step closer to overcoming that fear.

No 6: Listen to the right information: Two things social media does presently,
1. Gives you rumours
2. Lies right in your face
Don’t get carried away by unconfirmed news report, ensure you hear from the right authorities before you let fear grip your heart.
Also don’t be moved by all the beautiful pictures of people that you see are having a great time, chances are that those pictures were taken before the pandemic began. Every sensible person is at home.

No 7: Build relationships: You don’t have to be out there going on dates or having a fanciful dinner to get to know the other person. If you have your family around you, play family games, watch TV together, Cook together, laugh together, create memories.
If you stay alone, ensure you have sufficient data, chat your way into the hearts of your loved ones, video call, face time, you name it but get to know them better, seize the moment.

No 8: Create new habits; have you been promising yourself that you would break out of a particular routine in the year 2020 but you yet to, well,here’s your chance. Start today. Do something new. In the next few weeks,it would be a part of you and remember, stay indoor.

No 9: Get to know yourself better: The best means for self discovery and creativity is through meditation, now I am not asking you to sit as if you were in yoga class and act like a monk, no but ask yourself questions you alone can answer, think deep,connect with your true self and unlock that door to a whole new year.

No 10: Record the event: Either by writing a book or creating a documentary or even a movie, don’t let this situation be passed down by words of mouth, we read about the Nigerian civil war, we read about the World Wars. What stops the world from reading about the War against Covid19?
Try your hand at writing, get into your creativity and if you find writing stressful, try doing a voice or video recording, either way, keep a monument.

The list is endless, you can add more to it as the days to by but always do something new daily.
Finally, always stay safe and stay protected.

Written by Ajayi Titilope

SI Magazine

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